First and foremost we are motorcyclists. We love to hit the “open road” and share great experiences with mates and of course motorcyclists we have never met. Motorcycle comradary is unrivalled – who else gives you a wave or a nod while out on the road.

Secondly, we are former small business owners and live in small towns looking for their share of the tourism dollar. Motorcyclists might just be the answer!

We are all about getting towns and businesses across Australia motorcycle friendly and ready to welcome existing and new motorcycle visitors.

There are numerous towns across the country that have had some success in the motorcycle friendly town space. Crows Nest (QLD) and Wauchope (NSW) are a few recent examples of “self-declared” motorcycle friendly towns.

We have developed the first structured motorcycle friendly program. Towns and businesses can benefit from working with us and each other to embark on a sustainable motorcycle friendly journey.


We love motorcycles and want to share the love. Join us on a great ride!