Comin’ to the GP?

I asked a mate, who I ride mountain bikes regularly with and the odd road motorbike ride, whether he was interested in joining our ride to this years MOTO GP at Phillip Island. His answer was blunt and direct – “it always pisses down rain there so no thanks”.

Could he be right? Probably. Is it still worth it when in all likelihood there will be at least some rain event either on-route or at the event? Definitely.

Last year it rained on the Sunday morning as we ventured toward the circuit but when we arrived at The Island the weather was reasonably good. Sure, it was muddy around the track and we wondered if we would be able to get our bikes out of the parking area (paddock) but the atmosphere was great with plenty of action on and off the circuit.

On the Sunday evening we arrived at our accommodation in Warrigal and as we entered our cabin I noticed the artwork on the wall which simply read “Best Day Ever”. I turned to my brother and said that was the best day ever, pointing to the sign. He agreed with a nod.

So, I would say don’t miss it. Get your bike ready, pack your bags. We can’t do anything about the weather but can still make some great memories. Rain, hail or shine.

See you there.

Comin’ to the GP?

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