Road Tragedy

Reading Australian Motorcycle News (Speed Freaks) Vol.68 No.24 got me thinking…. the dramatic increase in the motorcycle death toll must weigh heavily on every rider’s mind.

Every day seems to bring bad news, loss of life and serious injury, which obviously has a devastating effect on family, friends and riding buddies.

I’m often asked at what point does the risk outweigh the pure enjoyment of riding a motorcycle?

For me it’s not just the freedom that riding brings but the comradery – this is something that many (car drivers!) may not understand or appreciate.

Every rider makes a choice to ride or not to ride. I choose to keep on riding and to enjoy every moment on the bike but to never forget the lives of riders lost or irreversibly changed through injury. Choosing to ride defensively and make good choices while on the road is my approach but of course we can’t rely on all other road users to do the same.

God forbid tragedy comes my way but if it does then I guess my time is up and someone can say in my eulogy “he went out doing what he loves”.

In the meantime ride safe!

Road Tragedy

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